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Scandle Scented candle

Scandle Scented candle

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About Scandle

Scandle is a brand of handcrafted that presents a different and innovative concept. The candles feature a blend of unique scents and a creating a magical experience through music and smell.
Scandle reinvent the candle market by associating each product with Spotify playlists, which users can access scanning the code on the back of the glasses. These playlists are created to enhance the feeling of escapism when you light the candle. The production takes place in Spain, specifically in its own workshop located in Valencia, where it works with national suppliers to promote local products and responsible consumption. All the candles are vegan, cruelty-free and petroleum-free.

Open. Scan. Listen. Enjoy.

Chilled Music, Great Talks.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Listen with curiosity. Laugh a little

harder. Make memories. Expand your culinary palate. Put some music on. Sit and talk. About life. Aliens. Sex. Childhood. About everything. About nothing.

Scents: Cotton Blossom, Patchouli, Sandalwood & Vanilla.

A pause to relax and recharge 

Just stop for a moment. Mindset first. Actions later. Give yourself time. Take care of your energy. Stop rushing. Sleep deeply. You are home. Light the candle and listen to some music. Is time to recharge.

Scents: Cedarwood, Fig, Magnolia & Vanilla.

I love being us. 

Youʼve got something different. Some kind of magic. I love being together. I love being us. Small moments. Big moments. Life changing ones. Late night feelings. Laughing. Supporting each other. I love you. I love us.

Scents: Cotton Blossom, Musk & Red Apple.

The magic of new beginnings

We are the change we seek. Take the risk. Embrace new beginnings. Observe the
world. There are no limits. Adapt along the way. Trust the journey. Change is an
essential part of growth. Growth is the essence of life.
Scents: Lily Flower, Cedar-wood & Vanilla.

Size: 330 g · 11 oz
Burn time up to 70h.

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