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Sofia James Pottery X Fiore

New workshops dropping at month-end for two months ahead

For example, the June dates will become available on April 30th.

Check the webshop for upcoming dates

Book a table

Easily book a 2-hour painting session at Fiore Utrecht.

You can find all time slots below or in the webshop at workshops. Buy your ticket to secure your spot.

choose your piece

Choose a piece of pottery you want to paint. Everyone is painting one piece per workshop.

We also offer some unique pieces for a small additional fee!

Paint your own pottery

Get creative!

After painting the pottery will dry for 3 days.

The next step is firing at 1060 degrees in our kiln.

Pick up and enjoy!

After 2-3 weeks your pottery will be ready for pick up at Fiore.

Private workshops

Book a private workshop for a minimum of 14 people. Perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties, or company events.

Get ready for a unique and unforgettable experience!

Contact us via the contact form to reserve your spot.

private workshops

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When will the new workshops be available online?

New workshops dropping at month-end for two months ahead! That means, for example, the workshops for February will be available online at the end of December.

How long does a workshop last?

A workshop lasts two hours, and you paint one item. We also have special items available for an additional fee.

What is included in the workshop?

You'll receive an item to paint, paint supplies, a hot drink and some treats are included.

Can we book a private workshop?

You can book a private workshop for a minimum of 14 people. Please contact us to schedule a date.