About us

Flowers bring joy, comfort, memories, and much more. We love being creative and exploring everything you can do with flowers and beyond! A place where you are welcome to focus on you. Get yourself a drink and a snack, sit back and relax! Life is hectic enough as it is, so we are an oasis of comfort. A quick coffee before work, a break from the daily grind or a chat with friends, or us, anything is possible. Come see for yourself what Fiore has to offer.

Our Passion for flowers

Excitement, creativity, uniqueness and exploration that comes together in this flower, coffee and self-care shop. We want to be open and share our space with any and everyone. Feel free to open your laptop, get some work done, hang out or have a look at all the treats.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Our love for coffee

We serve coffee from Amsterdam based roasters White Label. A roastery that highlights natural diversity, with a focus on quality, openness, and cooperation across the supply chain.